One of the main characters in the story. Independent was his name, his persona, and his lifestyle. He stopped believing in Jaylin early in his life and confessed to his friends at the time of graduation that he did not believe Jaylin existed. Throughout his life after the school of Endel, he became very successful while taunting others about how his life has been so good without King Jaylin. When the royal gaurds took him and his friends to Affabel for judgement, he immediately began to regret his nonbelief and constantly hoped that Jaylin would spare him because He was loving and merciful. The first to be judged, Independent grew more and more nervous as he approached the King. Because of his nonbelief and lack of faith, he was to be exiled to the Land of Lone. He regretted that he didn't pay attention to any of the teachings from school and knew that he would feel regret for the rest of his days. He claimed that Jaylin was a merciful ruler in hoping he could get another chance, but it was because of said reason why he would be sent to Lone. Jaylin knew if He were to accept Independent," into Affabel, he would corrupt the rest of the innocent citizens there. Though he try to beg for mercy, Jaylin's judgement was final. Independent spent the rest of eternity in total darkness. Independent represents the atheists on Earth, those who do not believe there is divine presence. Those people, even if they have the most fulfilling life on Earth, will always be sentenced to Hell when their time of judgement is at hand. Proverbs 13:13 states, "He who denies the word shall be destroyed, but who fears the Commandment shall be rewarded."